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ArtistsAnton Chirkov

Chirkov, Anton Nikolayevich

(b. 1902 Village of Napolny Vyas, Penza guberniya – d. 1946 village of Zhegalovo, Moscow region)

Painter and graphic artist

1920 – Joined the Penza Art School, where he studied in A. Shturman’s studio.

1922 – Moved to Moscow and was enrolled in Vkhutemas (the Higher Art and Technical Studios), where he studied in the studios of A. Osmyorkin, I. Mashkov and P. Konchalovsky.

1925 – Had his work “Loaves of Bread” shown at the World’s Fair in Paris.

1926 – Took part in an exhibition of the Bytiye (Existence) association of artists.

1927 – Graduated from Vkhutein (former Vkhutemas), took part in an exhibition of the Krylo (Wing) association.

1928 – Took part in an exhibition marking the tenth anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution and in an exhibition of the Moscow Artists Society (OMKh), taught at the Ryazan Art College.

1930 – Began to teach at the Memory of 1905 Moscow Regional Art School (MOKhU).

1931 – Sent to the northern Russian city of Murmansk for a working visit that resulted in one of his best-known works, “Northern Venus.”

1937 – Personal exhibitions at the MOKhU and the Hammer and Sickle cultural center in Moscow.

1941 – Was drafted into the armed forces.

1942 – Demobilized, had a personal exhibition at the Artists House at 15 Verkhnyaya Maslovka Street.

1945–1946 – Painted frescoes in the Church of St. Nicholas in Zhegalovo, Moscow region.

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