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ArtistsAnatoly Mikuli

Mikuli, Anatoly Frantsevich

(b. 1882 Warsaw – d. 1938 ?)

Musician, painter and poet

1905 – Graduated from the virtuoso department of the violin class of the Music and Drama college of the Moscow Philharmonic Society and took advanced training abroad. Mikuli developed his interest for painting in his youth.

1916 – His collection of poetry entitled “The Jay” was published.

1917 – Began to give private lessons and lectures on music.

1910–1911 – Took part in the Jack of Diamonds exhibition.

1917 – Participant in the First exhibition of Moscow’s Zveno (Link) association.

1923 – Took part in the Exhibition of the Five in Moscow.

1923 – Became close to the group of artists that took the name Amaravella in 1926.

1927 – Took part in an exhibition in the United States together with other Amaravella members. Later Mikuli was arrested and died in a Gulag camp.

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