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ArtistsSergei Romanovich

Sergei Mikhailovich Romanovich

(1894, Moscow – 1968, Moscow)

Painter and graphic artist

 1894 was born on September 11 in Moscow to the family of Mikail Mikailovich Romanovich, an officer in the Opekunsky Soviet (Board of Trustees) under the Empress’s personal direction

1909 enrolled in the general education department of the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (MUZhVZ)

1912 studied in the painting department of MUZhVZ. S. M. Romanovich’s instructors at the school were A. Arkipov, A. Baksheev, K. Korovin, P. Kuznetsov, S. Malyutin and L. Pasternak. In that same year he joined M. Larionov’s Krug Soratnikov (Circle of Brothers-in-Arms)

1913 participated in an exhibition by M. Larionov’s group Mishen (Target)

1914 participated in the exhibition No. 4. After the start of the war, S. M. Romanovich was drafted to the army but was soon discharged.

1915 gave a solo exhibition at MUZhVZ at which S. M. Romanovich presented his abstract works

1918 completed his education at MUZhVZ and taught at Proletkult’s Moscow fine arts studio

1920 began teaching at the Voronezh Higher Art and Technical Studios (Vorkutemas)

1921 joined the artists’ and poets’ federation Art is Life (Makovets). Took part in the federation’s exhibitions in 1922, 1924 and 1925.

1922 became a Vkutemas professor in Moscow; in that same year he published an article titled “On Realism” in the second issue of the journal Makovets.

1928 joined the Society of Moscow Artists (OMKh)

1929 participated in an exhibition by the artistic association The Four Arts; beginning in this year he taught painting at Rabfak (Workers’ Faculty) in Moscow

1935 began working in the USSR Architecture Academy’s monumental painting studio where he remained until 1948

1950 was an instructor in the ornamental department of the Moscow Higher School of Arts and Industry

1968 died in Moscow on November 21.

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