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ArtistsGeorgiy Shchetinin

Georgiy Aleksandrovich Shchetinin

(1916, Moscow – 2004, Moscow)

Painter, graphic artist and pedagogue

1916 was born in Moscow

1933 graduated from civil engineering school and worked as a constructor

1934 began attending evening drawing and painting classes at the First Automotive Plant’s workers’ studio under the direction of Timofei Ermilovich Pustovalov; to the end of his days, Shchetinin regarded Pustovalov as his sole teacher.

1937 enrolled in the artistic department at the Moscow Textile Institute

1940 enrolled in the graphic department at the Surikov Moscow State Artistic Institute (MGKhI); during this time, until 1941, he continued to attend classes at T. E. Pustovalov’s studios.

An important event in this year was his bi-monthly trips to Leningrad where G. A Shchetinin had the opportunity to attend Pavel Nikolaevich Filonov’s workshop; Shchetinin later published his recollections of this meeting in the journal Our Heritage (No. 8, 1988)

1941 evacuated with the institute to Samarkand

1944 returned to Moscow

1946 defended his graduation thesis, for which he prepared a series of etchings on the topic “Under Occupation”

1947 began teaching, which he did for the rest of his life; in that same year he was admitted to the Artists’ Union

1948 began work in the field of graphic design at the Graphic Arts Combine and at the Special Artistic and Drafting Bureau of Mosgorsovnarkhoz (Soviet of the National Economy for the Moscow City Economic District), where he acted as head draftsman.

Beginning at this same time he worked extensively as a book artist at the publishing houses Goslitizdat (which later became Khudozhestvennaya Literatura), Mir, Progress and others. He designed a total of 80 books

1965 began teaching at the Surikov MGKhI

2000 a G. A. Shchetinin solo exhibition was held

2004 passed away in Moscow

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