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ArtistsArseny Schultz

Arseny Leonidovich Schultz

(1910, Tallin – 1976, Moscow)

Painter and graphic artist

Was born on December 23, 1910 in the city Tallin

1924 created his first paintings and works of graphic art

1925 visited Kadrovsky’s studio in Moscow

1926 enrolled in geodetics courses in Moscow

Beginning in 1928 worked as an artist for book and magazine publishers

1929 on June 20 the Khamovniki District section of the Moscow Governorate Department of Public Education presented him certification that he had passed courses in geodetics

In that same year he began attending classes at the VKhUTEIN Rabfak (Workers’ Faculty) of the Arts.

1932 married Adele Pavlovna Shik on March 1

1933 enrolled in the Moscow Architectural Institute

1937 on July 3 graduated from the institute “with an architect’s qualification,” and, at this same time, began research work in the field of new print graphics technologies

1941 was drafted for military service, worked as an artist at the magazines Ogonyok, Krasnoarmeets and Krasnoflotets

1942 was afflicted with severe typhus from March through April

1942 – 1943 served in the military and worked in Yoshkar-Ola at the print shop for the newspaper Sniper as typesetter and layout artist

1944 in October was discharged to the reserves and at this time began working in Project Management at the USSR Academy of the Sciences headed by A. V. Shchusev

1945 on September 12 joined the Moscow Section of the Union of Soviet Artists; beginning in this year worked extensively a book artist for the publisher Detgiz.

1946 on January 10 applied for an author’s certificate for his work “Means of Manually Printing Engravings or Similar Images Using Dry Ink with Thermal Application of the Imprint,” author’s certificate No. 73813 dd. January 1949

1946 took part in an exhibition of the works by artists that participated in World War II, held in the MOSSKh exhibition hall

1947 on December 15 applied for an author’s certificate to be issued for the “Device for Casting Type Slugs from Contone Matrices Using a Linotype with Application of a Photographic Element.” On February 3, 1948 he received certificate No. 373016 on exclusive rights to the Patent from the Directorate of the Committee on Inventions and Discoveries under the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

In this same year he took part in an exhibition of graphic arts (color engraving on linoleum) at the Russian Museum where he displayed a portrait of Lev Tolstoy

1948 was arrested on August 8 on the basis of Articles 17-58-8; 58-10; and 58-11. He was held in the MGB (Ministry for State Security) prison and was tried by a special council under the MGB on May 14, 1949.

1956 was released on January 4 according to the resolution of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR dd. August 4, 1956; the case was dismissed “due to absence of a crime”

from 1957 onwards worked as an artist at various publishers; he designed 56 books

1976 died in Moscow on September 23.

Arseny Leonidovich Schultz, 1930

A. L. Schultz

Adele Pavlovna Shik, A. L. Schultz’s wife, artistic photo

A. L. Schultz in the hospital, spring 1942

The study Kolya with a Puppet. A. L. Schultz in the role of the puppet.

A. L. Schultz

A. L. Schultz with his wife

A. L. Schultz (sitting) in Sinop

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