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ArtistsBoris Smirnov-Rusetsky

Smirnov-Rusetsky, Boris Alexeyevich

(b. 1905 St. Petersburg – d. 1993 Moscow)

Painter and graphic artist

1921–1924 – Studied at F. Rerberg’s studio. Was influenced by W. Kandinsky, M. Ciurlionis and N. Roerich.

1922 – Was enrolled in the Institute of Industry and Economics and began systematic training as a painter under the instruction of P. Fateyev.

1923 – Took part in the Exhibition of the Five at the Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.

1923–1929 – Corresponded with Kandinsky.

1924 – Was a member of a group of artists that took the name Amaravella in 1926 and took part in Amaravella exhibitions.

1926 – Was enrolled in the graphic art department of Vkhutemas (the Higher Art and Technical Studios), which the same year changed its name to Vkhutein (the Higher Art and Technical Institute).

1927 and 1928 – Participant, together with other Amaravella members, in exhibitions in New York and Chicago.

1929 – Participated in the sixth exhibition of Life Is Art, a Moscow group of artists.

1941 – Arrested and spent ten years in prison.

1951–1954 – Arrested again and deported to Akmolinsk region, Kazakhstan.

1956 – Returned to Moscow, taught at the Bauman Higher College of Technology.

1962–1988 – Had personal exhibitions in Moscow (at Moscow State University), Leningrad, Kiev, Novosibirsk, Vyborg, Pskov, and on Valaam island. From that period onward, he worked intensively and regularly showed his works at exhibitions. He also taught and did research work.

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