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ArtistsKonstantin Chebotarev

Chebotarev, Konstantin Konstantinovich

(b. 1892 Yurminsk, Ufa guberniya – d. 1974 Moscow)

Painter, graphic artist and theater designer

1910–1917 – Studied at Kazan Art School.

1922 – Graduated from Kazan Higher Artistic and Technical Institute.

1918 – Organized the Sunflower group of artists in Kazan.

Took part in exhibitions beginning in 1914, including the 2nd Exhibition of Laboratory and Industrial Works produced by the Left Front of the Arts (LEF) in Kazan in 1925.

1921–1926 – Taught at Kazan Higher Institute for Art and Industry.

1923–1926 – Worked at KEMST [The Kazan Experimental Studios of Modern Theater].

Worked in Moscow from 1926 on.

“Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom there lived a king and another fellow. At first everything was fine. They fished together, and whenever there was any drinking, they were the first to join in.

If the king took a glass in his hand, that fellow took a glass as well. The fellow’s name was Kapiton. He even lived next door to the king.

One autumn they return from the sea, and the king goes to call on his most important lords. This Kapiton fellow follows after the king. His Majesty didn’t like this. It was not an acceptable thing to do.

Once the king was invited to a banquet at the chief Senator’s house. There was a big table with plenty to eat and drink, and the ladies-in-waiting were singing songs. The king was showing off in a corner with a glass of vodka in one hand and his other arm around a lady-in-waiting’s waist. His crown was crooked, and he had taken off his uniform and was sitting in only his vest. He was also happy that his friend was nowhere near.

As the feast was coming to an end, the wine went to Queen Agrafena’s head most of all. And as soon as her adjutant Korolyov began to play the accordion, she went to the center of the hail and started dancing…”

Boris Shergin, “The Gilded Foreheads”

B.V. Shergin. Veseliye serdechnoe IHearty Merriment]. M.:OGI, 2006. P. 200.

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